Drive a Steam Engine

YES! We mean you!

It’s not every day that you can get on to the footplate of a locomotive, but here’s your chance to drive it too.

Under tuition you will be shown how to drive a train of two carriages and a guardsvan, pulled by our 90-year-old, 86-tonne steam locomotive, Ab699. Did we mention you will be at the controls?

With a massive demand for fuel, the fire is the heart of engine, creating the massive amount of steam needed to push the drive rods and get the wheels rolling. You will be shown how the crew on a running day bring the engine up to steam and the many jobs they are required to do. They range from oiling the dozens of pivot points to making safety checks. Bring your old clothes because you’ll be getting dirty.

Within the cab there are many controls, but the main ones you will use are the large reversing lever governing the locomotive’s direction of travel and the throttle, which puts hundreds of units of horsepower at your hand.

Two courses are on offer to you: an introduction to firing and driving a steam locomotive, and an advanced driving course.

This is one of the only opportunities you will get to drive such a machine in New Zealand, so make the most of it and make a booking today.

Special conditions apply

For bookings, prices and inquiries, contact Lloyd Robertson